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Blue reef / Debbie 2
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The 40 metres/120 feet long Debbie II was sunk down on purpose in 1991 to become an artificial reef and serve as a dive site. She served as an oil tanker and wind breaker before but was no longer needed. Now she lays next to Blue reef on 21 metres/70 feet of depth. An interesting dive site as it has both a lively reef and an impressive wreck. If nature allows it, we can find some bigger fish and stingray swimming around here.

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happy divers is located at
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Our boat is docked at the pier of Hadicurari, on Palm Beach, in front of the beautiful resorts of Aruba. Close by you can find the Happy Divers Aruba shop. This is where we store all our equipment and sell our famous rashguards and diving shirts. Our boat dive sites are located in the North-West of the island and the shore dives near the Airport. To book a guided shore or boat dive you can use our easy booking form! Or contact us for any questions.