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Star Gerren
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The Star Garren ship lays in front of the High-Rise hotel area, she’s not visited often, she is German and she always has to compete with her larger, older and more popular countrywoman Antilla. You could think of her as the Cinderella of the Aruban shipwrecks. She was sunk down on purpose to become an artificial reef, but accidentally landed upside down, showing off her impressive propeller. Around her, sandy bottom, with mostly some cool Stingray around!

Want to go diving on this beautiful spot?

happy divers is located at
palm beach in noord

Our boat is docked at the pier of Hadicurari, on Palm Beach, in front of the beautiful resorts of Aruba. Close by you can find the Happy Divers Aruba shop. This is where we store all our equipment and sell our famous rashguards and diving shirts. Our boat dive sites are located in the North-West of the island and the shore dives near the Airport. To book a guided shore or boat dive you can use our easy booking form! Or contact us for any questions.